About us

The TRIODONT Zahntechnik GmbH was founded in October 1989 by Thomas Bartsch, Matthias Braun and Fritz Tuckermann. Although the administrative requirements for conducting a craft business steadily grow, the three executives are still working technically and are supported by a team of around 10 colleagues in the specific departments and administration.       


1989 Foundation

1991 Implant-Technology in cooparation with the RWTH Aachen University

1992 Full Ceramics

1992 Beginning of apprenticeship 

1993 Collaboration  with well-known oral surgeons in Düsseldorf

1994 Expansion

1995 electroplating technology

1995 Orthodontic

2002 Zirconia

2004 CAD/CAM

2008 DIN.ISO certified

2009 CAD/CAM CoCrMo alloy, Titanium

2010 Digitale Tooth reconstruction, Cranial System Prothetics

2011 Snoring therapy

2012 Cercon ht

2013 CELTRA, Crypton

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